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Persuasion is a forward-moving force. People must feel they are making progress. Anything that slows or interrupts their natural momentum in the buying process creates friction and kills the persuasion leading them towards a purchase. Note: These resources can help you learn more about how to build momentum and be more persuasive:. A good persuasive system, like inbound marketing, makes use of push-and-pull aspects:.

Bryan Eisenberg on content, conversion and customer-centricity

Others, especially your Web-related ones, are pull entities. In pull entities, customers typically initiate the interaction and attempt to pull the information they need from the business.

Bryan Eisenberg on The 4 Pillars of Success & Customer Centricity

Searching a keyword on Google and finding your website, filling out a form, etc. Effectiveness of each tactic really depends on where your prospects are in the buying decision process. Data can empower your persuasion efforts, but only when analyzed correctly. Long story short, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark encourages marketers to do their user and buyer persona research and change their strategies based on what they find.

Insights and customer data are extremely valuable for marketers, however, as mentioned above, the value comes from how the data is collected and analyzed. The Eisenbergs share three common mistakes businesses make when attempting to gather data on their customers in their book:. They force the data on everyone inside and outside the organization, shaping the narrative they want to create, often ignoring all of the facts.

While this may seem ok in the moment, feeding some egos or providing a sense of justification, it only hurts your persuasion efforts in the end.

The beauty of collecting data and tracking marketing metrics is that they give you solid facts to base your next steps off of. Those who worship the data hold all data as sacred with no distinction between which metrics are more important than others. This especially causes problems when two metrics seem to contradict each other and in scenarios where there is little to no data at all. As a result, marketers are faced with a new landscape where potential customers are not just exposed to the marketing itself and the opinions of a small, geographically-limited circle of family and friends, but now have access to chat rooms, blogs and Web sites containing "word of mouth" testimonials about their products from thousands of customers around the world.

Download Waiting For Your Cat To Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing

In addition, media has become so fragmented that consumers can now essentially customize their own individual media experiences — everyone watches different television channels, listens to different radio stations and visits different Web sites; it's impossible to create one blanket marketing experience anymore.

While this new world may have made the old model obsolete, the Eisenbergs see the current situation as an exciting opportunity for businesses to "rewire" their marketing efforts. They believe marketers must learn to navigate the new landscape by keeping in mind a few key principles, such as the fact that they can no longer condition a response in consumers, but instead must refocus their efforts on creating consumer confidence by demonstrating the relevance of the product or service to their lives.

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According to the Eisenbergs, when it comes to choosing which seller to do business with, consumers are searching for the most satisfying experience, not just a specific product. If marketing cannot convince them of the relevance the product holds for their lives and if the consumer's subsequent interaction with the seller, either online, on the phone, or at a brick-and-mortar outlet is not friction-less and satisfying to their specific needs, then consumers will go back to the drawing board and find another seller who can offer them a better overall experience. How Do You Satisfy a Cat?

Tarlow Design LLC:

If the modern consumer is more like a cat — independent, fickle and discerning — than a loyal dog, how does a business attract and satisfy them? They kiss the old model goodbye and advocate that the seller strive to meet the customer on her terms, through use of techniques like going beyond the demographic data to build a stable of "personas" so that the business can respond to each type of customer in the ways most effective for them.

Advising marketers to pull their heads out of the "corporate bottle" and to develop empathy for their customers, the Eisenbergs present a dynamic approach to addressing marketing in the Internet-age that will result in a competitive advantage. Why We Like This Book Supporting their points with information from a variety of fields, ranging from psychology to mythology to even haiku, the Eisenbergs present a quirky and engaging look at marketing in a style that mimics the individualistic media smorgasbord with which today's consumers engage.

They illustrate their method of Persuasion Architecture with real-life examples that show the dangers of ignoring the changing marketing landscape and the rewards of embracing these changes head on.

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing

Finally, I asked Bryan about the role of content in one of the many channels marketers still often use, despite the rapid increase of other interaction channels; email. What is the main differentiator to achieve better conversion with email marketing? It may not be that sexy any more, but it continues to deliver results day after day. Content and sharing. Sign in.

Why the hidden psychology of your shoppers can be key to more conversions

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