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His prize is a decommissioned, non-functioning space suit. Kip fixes up the space suit, which he names Oscar, but ultimately decides to return Oscar for a cash prize that will help him pay for college. He goes for one last stroll with Oscar and something completely crazy happens: he's abducted by aliens. Along with a young girl named PeeWee, who was also abducted, Kip must outwit the evil aliens that he calls Wormfaces and find a way home.

Since the book was published in , some of the references are a bit dated, such as soda jerk and soap contests, but what's not dated is Kip's enthusiasm for the technology and the way that he explains it. Nominated for the Hugo award, this is a good-old fashioned space adventure that will pull you in and have you travelling along with it at the speed of light. The Hybrid Chronicles. A Hugo nominated debut, What's Left of Me is a provocative adventure.

The first in the Hybrids Chronicles introduces us to hybrids Eva and Addie who must hide their hybrid identity because it is feared by the society in which they live. Eventually, Addie fools them all, showing that she is the dominant one and that Eva has left, but the ruse only lasts so long.

Addie is being relentlessly pursued by a girl at her school named Hally, a girl who may have figured out her secret. Right from the start, the concept pulls you in. What would it be like to live with two souls in your body? The unfolding of Addie and Eva's almost twin-like closeness that makes this a compelling and unforgettable read. The story is told through Eva's eyes. We see her bitterness at being relegated to a secret who only communicates with Addie.

When they meet Hally, Eva's willingness to risk everything just to be herself is completely understandable. Be prepared for an exciting thrill ride. Old Man's War. Zoe's Tale is the fourth novel in Scalzi's Old Man's War series, and although, it's not specifically marketed to young adults, it's the perfect introduction to the genre for young readers. Zoe Boutin-Perry, the protagonist of the story, is a witty, courageous young girl who will captivate readers both young and old alike.

Zoe also has a bit of an odd situation. Her biological father was seen as a savior by the alien race of Obin, and now, she is revered by them as some sort of goddess or celebrity. When Zoe's adoptive parents take positions as administers on the colony of Roanoke, Zoe goes with them. She begins to make a group of friends and establishes herself as a leader, but when Zoe's family and friends are in danger, she must discover who she truly is.

Young Adult Science Fiction

The book raises some interesting questions, particularly with Zoe's grudging relationship with the Obin, but it never falters as a thoroughly entertaining adventure. Through it all, Zoe grows and matures gaining insight into the world and her place in it. For readers who love a good adventure blended with a coming-of-age tale, this is a great introduction to the genre. Though Zoe's Tale works well as a standalone novel, be sure to pick up its prequel, The Last Colony in order to fully understand the events that unfold in Zoe's world.

Divergent is a teen dystopia that is now a major motion picture. It's an action-packed thrill ride through a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago where society has split up into five factions, based on how people felt about the apocalypse. If people thought it were due to greed, they chose to live a minimalist life. If they felt it was caused by lack of knowledge, they dedicated themselves to the pursuit of knowledge.

Those who felt it was caused by cowardice pursued bravery. When they are sixteen, children are given a chance to choose which faction that they would like to belong in. Beatrice has always tried to live a good, humble life like her parents and brother, but she feels that she would be better suited to be among the brave members of the Dauntless faction.

Memory’s Exile

On her Choosing Day, Beatrice proves to fit into many different factions, making her a divergent, an anomaly. Beatrice chooses to become a member of Dauntless, but she must struggle to prove herself worthy to join the faction. Beatrice, who can, at times, be thoroughly unlikable is what makes this book stand out from the slew of post Hunger Games dystopian novels. She is a completely authentic teen girl who is struggling to find her place in a fragmented society. Unwind Dystology. Unwind, the first novel in the Unwind dystology is a truly disturbing YA blend of science fiction and horror.

Set in a dystopian society after a series of civil wars dealing with abortion rights, the warring parties have reached a treaty in which parents can choose to have their children unwound at the age of Unwinding is a process in which the child becomes an organ donor, sometimes voluntary, sometimes not. Unwind follows the story of three children who have been chosen to be unwound. The first is Connor, a teen whose parents have deemed too much trouble. When he discovers that his parents have decided to have him unwound, he tries to run away. In the process, he comes across Risa, an orphan being unwound due to budget cuts, and Lev who believes that it is his religious obligation to be unwound.

The group flee police pursuit, hide out among other runaways and try to fight their fate, but eventually, they are forced to face the horrors of the harvest camps. The book grips you from the start and does not let go, Connor and his friends seem to attract trouble wherever they go. They meet some interesting characters along the way, such as CyFi, who shares his brain with an unwound. The novel raises important questions about identity and humanity as it careens through Connor's adventures.

Set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, Legend, the first book in the Legend trilogy, tells the story of June, one of the Republic's brightest stars and Day, one its most devious criminals. The Republic, or basically the West Coast, is fighting a war against the Colonies, the East, and at age 10, all of its citizens are tested for their ability to fight in the war. Pampered June is a genius, achieving a perfect score on her test.

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  2. THICKER: A Contemporary Romance.
  3. The Missing Years of Thomas Pritchard!
  4. Chartura (The Alcantarans Book 4).
  5. Easy For Keeps (Boudreaux, #4.5).

Day is a wanted criminal, hero of the streets, a post-apocalyptic Robin Hood. When June's brother is killed, Day is blamed.

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June takes it upon herself to go after him for revenge. What happens next is something neither of them expect. Told in alternating chapters that highlight the similarities between June and Day, the unlikely relationship between these two characters unfolds. Tension is high as the characters face dangers from all sides, including a mysterious plague that keeps rearing its ugly head in the Republic.

The story is part mystery, part romance, part coming-of-age story, part dystopian adventure as both June and Day slowly learn the truth about the Republic. There's a little bit of something in Legend for every sci-fi fan. The 5th Wave.

Tired of corrupt governments and plagues starting your apocalypse? Why not give aliens a whirl? In a concept that worked great for Independence Day, The 5th Wave features aliens who are out to destroy all of humanity. They're going about it the right way, too, in waves. The first two waves were literal: An EMP wave that took out all of Earth's technology, and the second was a tsunami that devastated coastal regions.

The third wave was a strain of bird flu that wiped out huge chunks of the population, and in the fourth, most insidious wave, the aliens started moving in. There's just one problem. They look just like everyone else. After her father is killed and her brother is kidnapped in the fourth wave, sixteen year old Cassie is determined to find him. Meanwhile, Cassie's school crush Ben is being trained as a super-soldier to fight the impending 5th wave, and no one knows when the aliens will strike next.

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  • And can Cassie find her brother before it's too late. Cassie is a witty, smart, girl-next-door sort of heroine that is a lot more relatable than many of the post-apocalyptic heroines of YA literature, and the alternating viewpoints through which the story is told paint a harrowing picture of her world. With a little romance thrown in, The 5th Wave is a refreshing twist in a sea of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. The Lunar Chronicles. Cinder is your classic Cinderella with cyborgs. What more could you ask for?

    A mysterious plague? Sounds good. Impending war with a group of mind-controlling aliens from the moon? Even better. Cinder could easily go the route of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with the cyborgs only thrown into the fairy-tale to give it a sci-fi feel, but instead, this book is an incredibly imagined twist on the classic fairy tale. Cinder is a cyborg, who is forced by her stepmother to use her skills as a mechanic to earn a living for her family.

    Adult Sci-fi Book Recommendations

    Luckily, Cinder has a few friends, such as the household android Iko, and one of her not so wicked stepsisters. When Cinder and Prince Kai meet, they are attracted to one another, and their relationship slowly builds even in the face of the Prince's weighty decision about whether or not to marry the Lunar Queen Levana to prevent an impending war. No, they do not meet at a fancy ball, instead, Kai approaches Cinder needing the skills of a mechanic, but Cinder just might have everything that he needs. The first book in the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder has all the classic tropes from the fairy tale mashed up with Star Wars action.

    While that pairing could be truly awful, Cinder comes out as an action-packed, touching and even funny story.