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You can also add in a gift or two from Santa. This gift rule covers all the bases to ensure your child has plenty of gifts under the tree without going overboard. I know some young children who are in art class, Spanish class, piano classes, and sports. While exposing your kids to many different interests is great, it also gets expensive.

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We chose one activity for each of our kids. My son plays tennis and my daughter goes to ballet.

This allows them to focus on one thing, get better at it, and enjoy it more and more over time. I like to shop using apps like Poshmark or Mercari. I also shop at Once Upon a Child, which is a chain of stores full of gently used name brand clothes. So, try to swap babysitting with other families.

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  8. Maybe you get to know another family who lives on your street and offer to watch their kids one night if they watch your kids on another. This giving each of you an opportunity to have a date night without paying a premium for a babysitter. This is another area where parents tend to go overboard. There are so many free activities you can do with your kids. One of my favorites is taking my kids to our local public library. There, they can play with toys, pick out books, and see the fish in the fish tank.

    The library also offers several discounts to local museums you can take advantage of. Simply ask a library for more information about the perks that come with your library membership. Co-working spaces are great because you can surround yourself with other entrepreneurs but they also come with a membership cost.

    Also, working in coffee shops is fine too I happen to be writing this in a coffee shop right now but it can lead you to spend money on pricey lattes and food guilty. So, work at home or at the library mostly if you want to save money and cut costs. So, make it a habit to save your taxes first to avoid this. However, each month take note of your expenses. You can save money by only keeping the expenses you really need that benefit your business.

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    8. Still, take the time to research your retirement options anyway and try to automate the process as much as possible to encourage yourself to save more. Money Savings Tips for the Grocery Store. This is such a simple tip, but it can save you so much money.

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      Checking your fridge before you go can also help prevent food waste in addition to saving you money. All you need to do is take note of the food you have and think of dinners you can make with what you already have on hand. Bringing a list to the grocery store is crucial for saving money, and sticking to the list is obviously important too. I also recommend going to the grocery store alone if you have children, but they are equally as guilty of throwing things into the cart!

      There are numerous apps available today that can help you save money on your groceries. Ibotta is one of the most popular ones currently.

      Stratechery by Ben Thompson – On the business, strategy, and impact of technology.

      You can check out our full Ibotta review here. Yet, I realized that buying wine every time I went to the grocery store really increased my bill. It also made me tired at night, which meant it was harder for me to write after my kids went to bed. I buy milk and juice for my kids and occasionally some small water bottles for being on the go.

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      This is a very simple and easy way to save money and also to be healthier and reduce my caloric intake. Sometimes, I like to let the prices dictate where I travel. That might mean on a given week of the year we have available to travel, plane flights to Florida are much cheaper than plane flights to Chicago, so we pick Florida. By being open and more adventurous, we can still have a great time traveling but at a price that fits our budget. When you rent an Airbnb when you travel, you can save money on your accommodations. Vacation rentals tend to have kitchens, which means you can make a lot of your meals at home.

      This can free up money to visit museums, see a game, and more. If you know how to use a credit card responsibly, then you might benefit from credit card rewards. You can sign up for new travel credit cards, and use the sign up bonus to get free flights, hotels, excursions, and more. Keep in mind that this is a hack for people with excellent credit scores who pay off their credit cards at the end of each month. Camping is a great way to have a fun vacation without spending a lot of money.

      You can camp in the wilderness or find a campsite that has showers and bathrooms. Bring your own food, sit around the campfire, and enjoy time with your family and kids on a dime. Do your research to find free museum days, restaurants that allow kids to eat free, and more.

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      Annual physicals are typically included in most healthcare plans. Most people know smoking is bad for your health, but it also has a significant impact on your wallet. Exercising is excellent for your physical and mental health. If you regularly exercise and get your heart rate up every day, you are helping to prevent chronic illness down the road that could be extremely expensive.

      One way you can save money is by purchasing generic medications. You can also ask your pharmacy if they know of any coupons available for your medication. However, this convenience costs me every time. The easiest way to save money in general, not just for retirement, is to save automatically. No matter how great you are with saving money, automating your savings is still the best way to ensure it happens. You can set it up with your employer to have a specific amount taken out of your paycheck every pay period and invested for you.

      This is a great and simple way to save more money for your future. Employer matches are free money. So, if you work a job, and an employer match is one of your benefits, make sure you take the time to set up your retirement accounts so you can benefit from this. More and more people are becoming aware of the fees that come with managed funds or k accounts. There are many low cost brokers out there.

      Some of the most well known are Vanguard, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab. These companies enable you to buy mutual funds and invest your money with lower fees than many of their competitors. There is a service called Trim that will review your accounts and notify you of any recurring subscriptions you might have.

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      When you pay for your car insurance monthly, you usually pay more for it over the course of a year. So, consider paying for it every six months. High quality clothes that are well made with premium materials can last years longer than cheap clothes. This is especially important when buying items like winter coats or winter boots. There are some companies, like Patagonia, that will repair clothes for you , enabling them to last decades. Sometimes, buying more expensive, higher quality items can save you more money over the course of your lifetime.