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Facts About The Sycamore Tree - Tips For Growing Sycamore Trees

I would use Pump Up Your Book again in a heart beat! This tree prefers being planted in deep, moist, rich soils. It is difficult to use in home lawns or as a street tree due to the size.

It is a fast-growing tree, which leads to the tree dropping branches throughout the season. The most common problems sycamore trees face would be anthracnose and lacebugs. Potential Pests Anthracnose is a fungal disease that is more prevalent following a cool, wet spring. Anthracnose causes dark, sunken, dead areas along the veins that can expand to cover the entire leaf. This disease is rarely fatal but can cause the tree to develop cankers on the branches causing branch dieback.

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Fungicides are rarely necessary for this disease but if it is seen annually on the same tree, a preventative fungicide may be used in the early spring. Cleaning up infected leaves at the end of the season will help reduce the spread of Anthracnose from year to year. Lacebugs are commonly seen from June through August.

Plant of the Month - Sycamore

They are tiny bugs that look like pepper flakes with shoulder pads. Lacebugs are found on the underside of the leaf and feed on the sap of the leaf with piercing-sucking mouthparts. Their feeding causes a stippling of yellow to brown spots on the leaf. In high populations, the whole tree will look yellow to brown. The damage is minimal and if left alone, predatory insects will move in to control the lacebugs. Pesticides are rarely necessary.

Landscape Value Sycamore trees could make a great addition to an acreage landscape where they have plenty of room to grow. The camouflage bark is a great addition to your landscape in the winter, or throughout the whole year.

Book Trailer for As The Sycamore Grows

The large leaves help the tree provide a great deal of shade to your yard. Also, the seeds are eaten by many different bird species. Sycamore trees need to be placed deliberately in an open area due to their large size. Given the right conditions, though, sycamores are an asset to any landscape due to the characteristically large leaves and camo bark.